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Are you looking to build a team that is creative, innovative and loves the organization as much as you do?
Is improving your team’s performance one of your company’s key objective? How about topping that up with an improved product and service quality?
If this is the case (and I’ll assume it is), then taking your team out on a working holiday with us should be on the top of your priority list.

Benefits of a Workation

Part Work & Part Play, natural setting, harmony in work & life, mindfulness and finally organic healthy food. What more you need when working & vacaying? 

The biggest advantages of workation that we’ve experienced first hand and heard from our guests. A study by a Standford economist suggests that employees who work remotely are actually more productive! On an individual working away from routine can improve the performance, imagine how much you accomplish on a workation where the whole team breaks this routine and works together in a remote natural work setting. In the end, we all want RESULTS.

Creativity and Innovation
Delete the mental block with Workcation. To innovate or think out of the box, sometimes you actually need to be out of your usual, your box. Working in a new environment helps open to new solutions.

Team & Culture Building
Know your colleagues “outside the office”. Spending time together both working and enjoying the new scenery, you’ll be surprised how much you learn about those you work with.

Research has shown that perks like remote working and schedule flexibility are highly desirable to employees. Workcation surely helps to redefine your organisation’s culture. You Care, They Care. Ultimately, you wouldn’t want to lose your best man/woman.

ES115 - Rishikesh HOTEL

ES103 - Jibhi Hostel

ES120 - Shimla Hotel

ES119 - Manali Hotel

ES121 - Manali Hotel

ES122 - Manali Homestay

ES123 - Manali Camps

ES124 - Kasol Camps

ES125 - Kasol Apartments

ES126 - Kasol Cabins

ES113 - Nainital Hotel

ES117 - Manali Hostel

ES112 - Leh Hostel

ES127 - Dharamshala Hotel

ES128 - Jibhi Special

ES129 - Kasol Hotel