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Ladakh- An union territory of India, is a land of natural wonders and full of surprises. You can't compare the views there because as you see one picture, then another one will be surprisingly more beautiful than the previous one. This region is the first adventure and tourist destination of India, which is an equivalent favourite among foreigners and Indians. 

 Ladakh territory is 18,875 ft high from sea level, where Himalayan winds can touch you easily. It will chill your body as well as your soul. In terms of altitude, it is 2900 Meters to 5900 Meters. The temperature range measured is +26 â?? to -20 â??.  Generally, people confuse the Leh Ladakh that-" Is Leh and Ladakh Same" or "How Leh Ladakh Different from each other." Leh is a  district of Ladakh territory and most significant in terms of area in the country. According to the data, it is the most inhabited region of the world in terms of elevation. Ladakh region is safe for tourism because people of the place are so innocent, and they like to welcome the tourist. As Buddhism influences them, they respect the guests. Apart from its local governance is also useful in terms of tourists as well as in terms of civilians.